How it Works

The <Travel/scrum> Hackathon will take place from June 11-14, 2020 online. Participants will have 72hs to collaborate in teams and build solutions tackling 1 or more of the challenges. (For the full Timeline & Agenda details, please see below).

We are to celebrate 6 awards winners.

Our prize pool for the best ideas is currently growing and we expect more organizations to join in, and contribute in prize money but more importantly in in-kind services, so that the projects can become reality and make a difference for the Industry.

We are currently assembling a fleet of World Class mentors coming from all sides of the industry and willing to give you back their expertise.


Create your Devpost account & Register to the Hack.

Start sharing your idea or looking for a team. You will be given Slack access upon registration to the Hack.

Mentors, Volunteers, Organizations.

Create your profile through our Typeform

and we will communicate you the accesses to slack and agendas.

Awards & Prizes


Global Hackathon Grand Prize Winner.

The winner exhibits exceptional elements of the spirit of the hackathon, how the project idea tackled one or more challenges and most competently addressed all of the judging criteria.


 Best Design team Winner.

Prize is awarded by the judges to best designed prototype (e.g., business model, user experience / interface, or some other non-technical element(s). The award recognizes the uniqueness of design elements of an exceptional idea.

Regional Winners (3).

Three Regional winners from Americas, EMEA and AsiaPacific who demonstrated exceptional ideas and execution for projects undertaking one or more of the three hackathon challenges.


People’s choice award.

Voted best-in-show by the individual participants of the hackathon based on each voter's personal opinion of how the winning project addressed the challenge(s) and the judging criteria.



Registration Opens.

June 1st.

Hackathon Period.

June 12th - June 14th.

Ideation Period.

June 1st - June 11th.

Hackathon Ends.

June 14th.

Team Registration & Hack Starts.

June 11th.

Jury Evaluation.

June 15th - June 18th.

Team Mentor Attribution.

Night of the 11th.

Winners Announcement.

June 19th.

Agenda details

This is an ongoing updated document, subject to changes & adaptations.

Please keep an eye on it.


1st of June, Monday.

Teams can start registering and ideating.

11th of June, Thursday.

Mentors workshop

Final Team Registration

Opening Ceremony

12th of June, Friday.

Hackathon starts

Checkpoint 1 with Mentors

Activities & Workshops

Keynotes & Panels

13th of June, Saturday

Full Hack Day

Checkpoint 2 with Mentors

Activities & Workshops

Keynotes & Panels

14th of June, Sunday

Last Hack Day

Checkpoint 3 with Mentors

Activities & Workshops

Final project submission on Devpost. You need to upload your 2mn video and answer the questions.

End of Hackathon

15th of June, Monday til 18th of June, Thursday

Judging period

19th of June, Friday

Award Ceremony