Frequently asked questions.

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FAQs for Participants

What is <Trave/Scrum> Hack about?

Trave/Scrums mission is to create digital, tech and design solutions for Travel and Tourism and enable the industry to imagine and deploy innovative, safe and sustainable experiences to consumer and business travelers.

The aim of TravelScrum Hackthon 2020 is to create working models, prototypes, products and designs that:

Build trust and confidence and encourage consumers to travel post-pandemic

Solve pain points for consumer and business travelers

Solve problems faced by the industry

Implement ideas and solutions that are safe and cost efficient

Are scalable and customizable for regional and local travel markets and customer segments

Are profitable and sustainable as products, experiences and, if possible, as businesses

Are aesthetic and present a functional user experience

Who runs the hackathon?

The hack is being organized by <Trave/Scrum> which is a collaboration with travel industry experts.

<Trave/Scrum> is a non-profit organization created few weeks ago during the pandemic by Travel and Tourism industry veterans. Our ranks are growing quickly to embrace our mission to mobilize and galvanize the Doers and the Dreamers of the travel industry, to band together to create a better travel experience for all.

When will the hackathon take place?

The hackathon will take place online from 11-14 June 2020. Participants will have 3 days to collaborate via different online platforms and build a solution within the challenge areas.

How is the online hackathon organised?

The hackathon will take place online. The appropriate tools needed to facilitate the work of everybody involved will be provided. Slack will be the main communication platform for the teams. There will be live-streamings, mentor sessions, and daily check-ins. The full agenda will be shared closer to the date.

What are the challenges?

There are three themes:

1. Travel & Health Challenge

Hack the very definition of travel in ways that address the health concerns long after the COVID-19 slowdown has passed. These inventions must demonstrate how the well-being of travelers and businesses is preserved or improved during travel rather than put at risk.

2. Travel & Experiences

Hack the travel experience, in ways that leverage technology before, during or after the journey, and positively transform Travel and Tourism for consumers and the industry. Suggestion: consider travel inspiration, searching, planning, shopping, experiencing, memoralizing and sharing...and don't overlook mobile services.

3. Travel & Sustainability/Relief

With pre-pandemic travel practices as your starting point, and new business models and social/environmental impacts as your guide, invent new responsible, socially impactful products and services that drive exceptional traveler experiences and economic growth. Also, with public health and employment concerns at the forefront now, demonstrate how your invention measurably enhances economic conditions in regional and local destinations around the world

Who can participate?

Hackers, Doers, Dreamers, Makers and Designers who want to help reshape the future of the Travel, Tourism and Hospitality industry, post COVID-19 pandemic

Are there any specific requirements for participation?

The team size is restricted to maximum 6 participants. Anyone who is interested in reshaping, digitization, building digital tech or design solutions can apply. Whether computer scientist, tech and data enthusiast, UX/UI Designer, business or complete career changer, we welcome all of you!

Are software development skills required?

No, we welcome all innovators across industries with their individual skills.

What is the deadline for the registration?

You should form a team and register as a team by 11th of June.

Should I register as a team or as an individual?

If you already have a team, you can apply together and work on the challenges. Individuals can also apply. On Slack there will be many opportunities to get in touch with the community and find a team, based on your interests and knowledge. (Individual participation is also allowed)

How can I participate in the hackathon with my existing project/idea?

The idea should be a project that you haven't done before and the first day of the hackathon should be the first day you start developing and coding it

Where and how can I submit my ready solution at the end of the hackathon?

All projects must be submitted by June 15, 2020, at 09.00 AM UTC on Devpost. The submission should include a textual pitch, video to be uploaded on Youtube (share link on Devpost), and project code where applicable on Github or any other repository (share link on Devpost)

Who owns the IP?

All IP rights belong to the team that created and submitted the project.

Do I have to speak English to participate?

The official language of the hackathon is English. To facilitate the processes you should understand and be able to communicate in English. The submissions of the solutions have to be in English too.

Do I need preinstalled software?

No, you don’t need software beforehand. However, it would be useful if you install Slack after your registration, since this will be the main collaboration platform.

Will we get any support during the hackathon?

There will be experts, mentors and scrum masters with different knowledge backgrounds who will support you throughout the hackathon. They will provide valuable tips and feedback. More information about the agenda will be provided in the beginning of the event.

What are the evaluation criteria for the final solutions?

The main evaluation criteria are: impact potential, originality and innovation, technical merit and difficulty, presentation skills/business case.

What will happen with the solutions after the hackathon?

The solutions will be evaluated for the final awards. The results will be declared on 19th June 2020.

How can I find my assigned team mentors?

Scrum Masters assign one team mentor for each team and introduce the team mentors to teams through private group messages in Slack. Afterwards, the teams will invite their team mentors to their team channels. The team mentors will do the checkpoints with the team leaders. To find the schedule of the other checkpoints look at the Agenda.

How can I find a specialist mentor?

We will post a list of specialist mentors, you can then look for their slack name and reach out to them to organize a call.

FAQs for Mentors & Scrum Masters

What is the difference between mentors and Scrum Master?

We are looking for mentors from all areas of the travel industry (aviation, distribution, revenue management, hospitality, tours to name a few) and also people from other industries including health, IT (software and hardware), legal, business, security, design, soft skills, data and social sciences.

A mentor is a person with expertise in one or more fields, who is able to support a team with a specific problem or need. The mentor is committed to investing time throughout the weekend to assist in the growth and development of others.

The scrum master will navigate and give hands-on guidance for the teams. They are responsible for keeping people well-informed on the team forming process, hackathon process, and looking for problems to solve. They coordinate the teams to match their needs.

The scrum masters will be involved in the organisation and coordination of the teams before and during the hackathon.

How much time do I have to invest?

The hackathon will take place online from 11th -15th June (time would vary based on which region you are in). It is best if you are available for working hours during the whole event. There will also be a short briefing prior to the event. Detailed information will be provided to you after your registration.

For Scrum Masters, there will be work for the overall organization before the event but this would not require more than 4-6hrs in a week. During the Hack week, we expect this to be higher.

How many teams can I support?

You can support one or more teams depending on your expertise and availability. We will clarify your tasks prior to the event