The Challenges.

As a Team/participant you will need to address at least one the following challenges to compete for the awards.

Be creative. Solve a problem. Bring a solution.

Rethink. Rebuild. Reinvent.

The Travel industry needs you.

It’s time to give back!!

Hackathon Image 1.png

How might we hack the very definition of travel; in ways that we address the health concerns and fears that will last long after the virus has passed; so that the wellbeing of people and businesses is improved through travel rather than put at risk? 

Hackathon Image 2.png

How might we hack travel experiences; in ways that only technology can make possible; so that those new possibilities can positively transform the Travel and Tourism industry, and change how we will build, sell, service and relive them?

Hackathon Image 3.png

How might we hack economics and business models currently defining the industry in ways that we ensure that 10% people of the worldwide workforce attributed to Travel and Tourism Industry, can again secure livelihoods and forge fulfilling careers—and the businesses, can benefit from new sustainable models; so that the Travel and Tourism industry can make a global recovery?