Worldwide Travel Hackathon

Reinventing the travel and tourism industries. Together.

June 11-14, 2020

Why this Hackathon ?

The COVID-19 crisis deeply impacts Travel & Tourism

  • 10% of the world’s GDP is at stake

  • 330 million of jobs at risk in Travel & Tourism 

  • 1/3 of all jobs lost these past 3 months due to the virus are related to Travel & Tourism

<Trave/Scrum>’s mission 

Contribute to Travel & Tourism’s recovery through innovative, implementable & impactful projects.

The Hackathon Call

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This is a call to participants
of all types:

Designers & Marketers.

Experience hackers & Business model hackers.

Technology hackers & Process hackers.

Policy hackers & Life hackers.

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4 Days

3 Regions

(APAC, EMEA, Americas)

3 Challenges

6 awards

Learn More

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This is a call to hack so that:

The travel industry is poised to take part in a global recovery.

Society can prosper from exchanges that only travel makes possible.

The health and wellbeing of people are improved through travel, rather than put at risk.

3 Challenges


Hygiene & Health

Providing solutions that address new sanitary protocols, norms & processes worldwide, securing people as well as businesses.

Travel & Experiences

What experiences can arise through the use of new technologies & appearance of new behaviors?

Sustainability & Relief

How to secure livelihoods of the workforce and bring sustainable models forward for businesses locally, regionally or globally?

Hack Roadmap.

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Who Can Participate



The hackathon is open to non-technical participants as well as developers.

Build or join a team, the objective is to create real impact for the global travel industry. You’ll be supported along the way by talented experts in travel helping bring your vision into reality.


Experts in certain areas are called to support teams with either content or technical expertise while developing solutions to the proposed challenges. Mentors will guide teams, answering questions and providing ideas.


Take charge of a track, organize deputies to manage your region and help coordinate the efforts of hundreds of hackers and mentors over the course of four days.


Companies and organizations can either support the Hackathon through in-kind tech or service contributions to help develop ideas or to help facilitate the implementation of the Hackathon.